Episode 2: Being Fearless About Your Health

Episode 2: Being Fearless About Your Health

Girls Gone Real

In this episode, Jessica and Jillian talk about the health issues they’ve encountered after entering their 30s. Jillian surprises Jessica with a hypochondriac game and a “match the illness with the celebrity” challenge.


  1. Ladies, I’m loving your podcast.
    Let me tell you, this episode resonates with me, a lot. I suffer from migraines too and when Jillian was describing the symptoms, how you feel when it’s coming, I wanted to respond and tell you “Yes, that’s exactly how it happens to me too”. It is so horrible! I can’t function. And lately, they have been lasting 3 or 4 days. I saw my Doctor and she said it has to do with hormonal changes 🙁
    I’ve been taking magnesium, and so far it looks like it is working. This past month I didn’t have a migraine.
    And now I’m trying homeopathic medicine. I’m starting to take chaste tree berry and I hope it helps.

    • Thanks so much, Blanca! I’m sorry you suffer from migraines too – they are horrible. I’ve never taken magnesium for them, but I’m definitely going to give it a shot now, thanks to your recommendation. My doctor prescribed Axert, which is something I take as soon as I start getting symptoms. It works well, but it takes a bit to kick in. They’re scary! Please keep us updated on the homeopathic meds too. 🙂 – Jillian