Episode 4: How To Be a Real Girl in a Man’s World

Episode 4: How To Be a Real Girl in a Man’s World

Girls Gone Real

What’s it really like to be a real girl in a man’s world? In today’s episode, Jessica and Jillian talk to DJ Megan Taylor, Chicago’s most recognized female DJ, about the challenges and stigmas that come along with being a woman in a male-dominated industry. Megan also discusses her perspective on feminine vs. masculine values (and why BOTH are necessary), what she REALLY thinks about song requests and her go-to DJ hacks on how she finds the next hit songs before anyone else does.

Side note: Megan is also Jessica’s BFF, and since Jillian loves to surprise (and embarrass) Jessica, Jillian probes Megan on Jessica’s guilty pleasures and quirks. And since all is fair in love and (Real Girl) war, we also learn that Jillian loves Phil Collins.

Also on today’s episode, Megan Taylor gives us something to read, watch and listen to on our “Real Girls Recommend” segment, and gives our listeners the #GirlGoneReal Challenge of the week.

Real Girls Recommend:
“Stranger Things” on Netflix
The Alchemist by Paulo Coello
Megan Taylors “DJMT Jams 2016” on Spotify

#GirlGoneReal Challenge:
Notice how your feminine values play an important role in a situation and fearlessly express your femininity.