Episode 7: Why Are Women So Mean to Each Other? With Tiffany...

Episode 7: Why Are Women So Mean to Each Other? With Tiffany Louise


In today’s episode, Jillian and Jessica talk to cognitive behavioral therapist and life coach Tiffany Louise and dissect where all that nasty female hostility comes from. Tiffany herself experienced quite a bit of it in her lifetime, starting from her childhood, and bravely shares a traumatic story about getting picked on by her friends’ mothers when she was in high school. So, why DO we treat each other this way? Is it jealousy? Is it insecurity? Is it competition? Is it the way we were raised? Either way, it sucks. All three ladies weigh in on what we can all do to change the narrative, and it starts with ourselves. After all, according to Tiffany, when a woman shines from the inside out, she lights up the world. And that includes other women.

Jillian and Jessica also play the game: “Which Mean Girl Are You?” (circa Lindsay Lohan) with Tiffany. What’s revealed couldn’t be more hilarious – or true. This episode is a goodie, ladies. Enjoy.